St. Ives Country Club Halloween House returns

The Rubels continue to raise the scale of Halloween decorating for yet another year. Debi Rubel/special

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Bryan and Debi Rubel of the St. Ives Country Club continue to wow neighbors away with their extravagant Halloween display.

Moving from California, Debi Rubel said that “this was a way to get to know the community.”

“We’re going to teach people how to have a real Halloween,” said Rubel.

From when they began this tradition, they have gained several friends they would not have met otherwise.

When their children graduated and left the house, they thought that they were finished with Halloween decorating. People began to drive by and ask where their decorations were and when they would start decorating. “We don’t have a choice,” Rubel has decided.

After their children had grown up and left the house, it became a responsibility of the Rubels to provide their neighbors with these decorations for them to enjoy.

“Everyone from our neighborhood of 700 houses will come by our house each October,” said Rubel.

The couple has continued this tradition even after their children have graduated and moved out of the house.

Their surrounding neighbors’ kids join them in decorating each year and come help them to create their Halloween House.

Their entire house of decorations usually begins early October and takes about 40 hours of hard work to finish before the holiday.

The decorations consist of handmade monsters and skeletons, gravestones, cobwebs, etc. Their finishing touches include the smoke and fog used Halloween night.

What differentiates this house from the average decorated house is the scale that the Rubels reach, “always evolving,” as Debi Rubel states.

“Halloween is our favorite holiday,” said Rubel. Throughout the years, their focus has always been Halloween rather than other holidays such as Christmas.

They continue this as a normal tradition now to keep the sense of community that they have created after these years. They have not only become friends with many, but they have also helped neighbors come together as well.

Their house has become a word-of-mouth attraction and has become something that people count on.

“Strangers will ask me about the house,” explains Rubel.

The house is not fully completed until the day before Halloween as they put a lot of effort and precision into their display.

The Rubels receive visitors ranging from young children to crazy teenagers on golf carts and encourage for everyone to come by on Halloween night.

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