NORTH METRO, Ga. — North Fulton talent swept player of the year honors for Region 6-A (Private) with the announcement of the all-region selections for the 2020 season.

The following players were named all region;

Player of the Year: Murphy Reeves, Fellowship Christian senior running back

Coach of the Year: Al Morrell, Fellowship Christian

Offensive Player of the Year: Coleman Smith, Mount Pisgah Christian senior quarterback

Defensive Player of the Year: Ethan Joseph, King’s Ridge Christian junior defensive back

Lineman of the Year: Nick Jackson, Mount Pisgah Christian senior guard/defensive end

First-team offense:

QB: Jesse Whiting, Lakeview Academy

RB: Gianni Dorsey, St. Francis

RB: Ben Puckett, Lakeview Academy

WR: Nick Speros, Mount Pisgah Christian

WR: Sam Perrott, Lakeview Academy

WR/TE: Cole Spence, Mount Pisgah Christian

TE: Brady Niblock, Fellowship Christian

OL: Charlie Patterson, Fellowship Christian

OL: Reid Robinson, Fellowship Christian

OL: David Bertrand, Mount Pisgah Christian

OL: Linger Gao, Mount Pisgah Christian

OL: Christian Haynes, Lakeview Academy

ATH: Eli Hildebrandt, Fellowship Christian

First-team defense

DL: Joey Archer, Fellowship Christian

DL: Sean Michael-Sargent, Fellowship Christian

DL: Parker Allen, Lakeview Academy,

ILB: Nathan Nardone, Fellowship Christian

ILB: Caleb McClung, Fellowship Christian

ILB: Luke Cooper, Lakeview Academy

ILB: Dean Giacobbe, King’s Ridge Christian

ILB: Joy Chane, Mount Pisgah Christian

OLB: Lawson Haigler, Fellowship Christian

OLB: Jayven Hall, Fellowship Christian

OLB: Happy Chane, Mount Pisgah Christian

OLB: Landon Hanes, Lakeview Academy

DB: Garrett Sutherland, Mount Pisgah Christian

DB: Josh Cole, Fellowship Christian

DB: Kyle Elphick, Fellowship Christian

DB: Brad Spence, Mount Pisgah Christian

DB: Jordan Brewer, Fellowship Christian,

ATH: Josh Flynn, King’s Ridge Christian

First-team specialists

K: Logan Hewlett, King’s Ridge Christian

P: Owen Lindsay, Mount Pisgah Christian

LS: Caleb McClung, Fellowship Christian

Second-team offense

RB: Zachery Pitts, King’s Ridge Christian

RB: Fisher Edwards, King’s Ridge Christian

WR: Camden Lusk, St. Francis

WR: Clay Shepler, Fellowship Christian

WR: Gabe Carter, Mount Pisgah Christian

WR: Skyler Thellman, Lakeview Academy

OL: Mason Dailey, St. Francis

OL: Elias Cloy, St. Francis

OL: John Howley, St. Francis

OL: Everett Gansereit, Mount Pisgah Christian

OL: Aaron Kruse, Mount Pisgah Christian

OL: Noah Smith, King’s Ridge Christian

OL: Calen Nichols, Fellowship Christian

Second-team defense

DL: Jabriel Muhammad, St. Francis

DL: Hamil Owens, Lakeview Academy

DL: Jack Williams, Lakeview Academy

DL: Cole Chapman, Fellowship Christian

DL: Sean Ainsworth, Mount Pisgah Christian

ILB: Marcellus Hazelton, St. Francis

OLB: Riley Bennett, Mount Pisgah Christian

OLB: Bodie Blackwell, Lakeview Academy

OLB: Quentin Grimes, King’s Ridge Christian

DB: Al Geiger, St. Francis

DB: Tyler Peck, Lakeview Academy

DB: Moose Washburne, Fellowship Christian

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