Erica Scutt

Johns Creek’s Erica Scutt earned Player of the Year honors from the Georgia Junior PGA for a standout season in which she won six of 10 tournaments.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Johns Creek’s Erica Scutt, 16, was recently named the Georgia Junior PGA Player of the Year following a standout season in which she won six of ten tournaments. Scutt, a junior at Northview High School, took the title for girls aged 15 to 18 years old.

The Player of the Year honor goes to the player who amasses the most points throughout the year based on placement in each tournament. With six wins and two finishes in second, Scutt compiled more than double the points of the runner-up.

“It means a lot of hard work I’ve put into the game over the last 12 years is starting to pay off,” Scutt said. “Through the ups and downs of the game when I though I wasn’t getting better, I was improving, just maybe at a slower rate than normal. It showed the work paid off when the tournament wins and points started adding up.”

Scutt’s wins included the UGA Junior Classic and the Atlanta Junior Championship played at the demanding East Lake Country Club where the PGA Tour contests the FedEx Cup.

The Georgia Junior PGA tour provided Scutt with valuable experience and allowed her to better her game, she said.

“I have to thank the tour because they had me play in a lot of weather conditions that I thought we weren’t supposed to play in,” she said. “They pushed me and made me a lot stronger and helped me mentally to get through tough tournaments.”

Her family was also a major source of backing.

“My family was at every single tournament, helping and supporting me,” Scutt said. “We stayed at a lot of hotels, and it would be all of us in one room having a great time.”

Scutt is not content to rest on her laurels.

“I have learned a lot about myself, and have learned my strengths, but my weaknesses shined through most,” she said. “In the offseason, and I’ll still be playing in a lot of tournaments, I have a lot of bigger goals like having less than 36 putts per round and having each chip within a 5-foot circle [from the hole].”

Scutt will take those goals into the 2020 GHSA golf season where she will compete with perennial state title contenders Northview.

“I think the high school season is just more fun,” she said. “I get to play with all my friends. I have the chance to be captain of the team and handle all the technology and communications of the team. My grandfather is the photographer and my mom is the booster club president. The season also helps build confidence and helps me play well on shorter distances and other parts of my game.”

Ultimately, Scutt has her sights set on playing collegiately, which she has dreamed about since picking up the game at 4-years old, she said.

“I have talked to a few schools and it has been fun,” Scutt said. “Right now I’m battling between going to a bigger or smaller school. My ultimate goal is to play collegiately for four years, and if I play really well and find out new things about my game, then maybe I could look into playing professionally.”

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