Denmark sisters

Denmark senior Jordan Watson, left, and her sister, Arin, were named to the girls Region 7-AAAA All-Region First Team in their first year playing together.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Though the 2020 GHSA soccer season ended prematurely and abruptly due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was lengthy enough for a pair of Denmark sisters to impress and earn spots on the Region 7-AAAA All-Region First Team. Senior centerback Jordan Watson and freshman centerforward Arin Watson made all-region accolades a family affair. 

Though the sisters each have plenty of soccer experience, their age difference prohibited them from playing on the same team until this season.

“I was very excited to know [Arin] was going to be playing with me, it had me feeling like a proud sister,” Jordan said. “I was a bit nervous she might steal a bit of the spotlight, but it made me elated to see her working hard every day in practice.”

Arin, who led the Danes in goals in the shortened season, said the opportunity to finally be on the same field with her sister had a “major impact” this season.

“She was a really supportive captain and sister when I needed her to be,” Arin said. “Even if the season was cut short, it was great to play for her and the team, and it is great to have her as a sister, teammate and captain. I loved playing with her.”

Jordan, who will attend Emory University in the fall, said she was grateful to earn her first all-region accolade in her senior season, and especially so along with her sister.

“Honestly, it was a big honor and showed me all the work I have been putting in has meant something,” Jordan said. “And to be on the [all-region] team with my sister is great. This was a chance for us to put our talents to use, and to both be on the all-region team showed we had an impact on the game.”

The experience was memorable for her younger sister, as well.

“I had never played with my sister before, and we had our parents in the stands watching,” Arin said. “And it was really an honor and exciting to come into a program like Denmark.”

The pandemic cut Denmark’s season to just 10 games, and while it was a tough pill to swallow for the Watson sisters, they were still thankful for the opportunity to play with each other on the Danes team.

“Even if we only got a short amount of games, I wouldn’t trade those short amount of games for anything,” Jordan said. “We couldn’t accomplish all of our goals, but we had already accomplished so many of our goals in those few games and I was proud to be able to play.”

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