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When Logan Marber was just eight years old, she wrote her first screenplay. “The Kid Quest” tells the story of a young girl whose friends keep mysteriously disappearing. In order to bring them back, she has to go on an adventure and follow clues. The aspiring Alpharetta filmmaker and actress was so excited about the project that she recruited the help of some of her friends from her acting class to star in the film. Carter Birchwell (Ozark, American Made), Payton Chambley (Shell) and Sophie Klein played the roles of Bentley, Penelope and Sally. Much of the movie was filmed around Alpharetta City Center over the course of a couple of weeks.

A few months later, Logan had another screenplay ready to go called “Invisible Ink.” This story also centered around friendships and acceptance. "The movie was an idea that came to me when I went to the book fair and bought an invisible ink pen. I thought it would be fun to draw a person with the pen that would then become real," states Logan. Noor Anna Maher (Blockers, MacGyver) plays Flame, a girl that comes to life when friends Emma and Kylie, played by Logan and Ansley Roper (Catch), draw her during a sleepover. Peyton J. Evans (Little Housewives of Poshtown, Evil Little Things) also stars as Emma's sister.

With both films complete, they were entered into the national film festival scene. While they are still under consideration for many festivals that have been delayed, both “The Kid Quest” and “Invisible Ink” were selected for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival in the Student Films, Under 12 Minutes category. The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival showcases new and classic children's films, TV programs and DVDs from studios, independent producers and youth producers. KIDS FIRST! partners with more than 50 venues that showcases its selections for their kids and family programming. In addition, the San Diego International Kids' Film Festival, which supports the entertainment and education industries, selected “Invisible Ink” in the Children-Made Film Category. Logan was also nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award by the American Youth Film Festival for her performance in “The Kid Quest.”

Now a nine-year-old, Logan is already working on two new screenplays. “The Queens” is complete and ready for casting when filming is able to be scheduled and “The Three Sisters” is currently being co-written with her “Invisible Ink” co-star, Peyton J. Evans.

Logan Marber is represented by Aligned Stars Agency and Abelita-Burns Public Relations.  

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