There’s a trend that is sweeping the nation affecting everything from what products you find at your local grocery store to how you spend your free-time: wellness. Today, Americans are increasingly choosing a wellness-oriented lifestyle and the products they buy, places they spend time, and lives they lead are a reflection of this. Grocery stores are expanding organic food aisles, communities are reinvesting in parks and walking trails, and pet stores are switching to selling “clean” pet food, but what is senior living doing to embrace health and wellness? 

Village Park Senior Living has developed a multifaceted approach to healthy aging through acknowledging the dynamic nature of wellness. Through a culmination of intelligently designed architecture, proactive care, and fostering a wellness-driven culture, Village Park communities are a catalyst for balanced physical, mental, and social well-being. 

Its newest location, Village Park Milton, was intentionally placed across from Wills Park to further encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Not only can residents and their families enjoy walking trails, riding bikes, and taking their dogs to the dog park but stay engaged with the local community. Home to the City of Alpharetta’s Fourth of July fireworks show, a vibrant community garden, and other community events such as the Old Soldiers Day Parade, Wills Park is the heart of active living for the local community.  

In addition to its convenient location across from Wills Park, Village Park Milton is within 15 minutes of downtown Roswell and 10 minutes of Milton City Hall in Crabapple keeping residents connected with their long-time social organizations, places of worship, country clubs, and more. Understanding that connectivity to one’s community is essential to social well-being, Village Park Milton is designed to keep residents engaged with established friendships in addition to making new ones. Through hosting social events co-planned with residents and offering top-line amenities such as a heated salt-water pool, full-service restaurants, and spa, Village Park Milton is built to be a community where residents are proud to host old friends and encouraged to make new ones. 

Recognizing that staying active and engaged is fueled by balanced nutrition and quality care, Village Park Milton’s dining options offer healthy, chef-inspired dishes while its well-equipped care staff provides 24/7 support. Types of foods residents can expect include anti-oxidant rich berries and omega-3 rich fish along with other foods found to maintain brain health and sharpen memory. Healthy eating paired with on-site nurses and physical therapy, flexible care plans, and an on-site fitness center, pool, and wellness spa make healthy aging simple. 

Stop by Village Park Milton’s Leasing Center at 555 Wills Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009 or Village Park Alpharetta at 12300 Morris Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005 to learn how Village Park can help you reach your wellness goals. You can also learn more at or by calling (470) 509-4557 today. 

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