Alpharetta High School Students smile in front of the Emmy Statue

L-R: Colin Gwynn, Gavin Moye, Jackson Duffy, Tracy Misner, Audrie Uphues,  Alex Pilotzi, Daniel Jensrud, Josh Herring, Josh Wessman, Terrell Jackson.

With 11 nominations in 9 categories, Alpharetta earned 6 Student Production Awards (SPA) from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Tracy Misner, the instructor of Film and Video at Alpharetta High School, is extremely proud of his students' productions.  "Just being in the room is an honor," Misner said.

Alpharetta  earned SPA's in Best Writing, Best Video Essay, Best Photography, Best Long Form Non-Fiction, Best Cultural Affair, and Best Music Video.  Other than the Best Music Video, Misner's Film Class earned 5 Student Production Awards.  Misner created a Film Class to work with students wanting to move into the Film Industry.  5 Seniors moved onto some of the country's top Film Schools-earning spots at Emerson, NYU, UNCSA, Belmont and GA State.

The Best Music Video was extremely special because it involved every student, teacher, administrator and staff at Alpharetta High School.  Misner helped students create a "LipDub Video" where the entire music video is filmed in one pass.  The entire student body is part of the video and the camera crew films everyone as it travels through the school recording students, teachers and administrators lip synching to some several genres of popular music.  Dr. Kersey, Alpharetta High School Principal, even participated with a start to the theme of the video "Don't Stop Believing."

The Alpharetta High School Film and Video program has earned a total of 22 Student Production Awards in the last 6 years.  The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is the organization that awards the Emmy Awards.  This is Misner's 11 year instructing Film and Video at Alpharetta High School.

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