How did this happen! I bought this house in the 1980’s or 1990’s because it had a desk in the kitchen, two level breakfast bar with Corian counters, garbage compactor, soffits above the cabinets and it was completely separated from the den. What’s changed?

North Atlanta came of age in the 80’s and 90’s; thousands of homes were built with all the above features, so if this sounds like your kitchen, you’re not alone. But now it’s time for you to join the North Atlanta Renovation Evolution. Your home has doubled in value and you now live in arguably the most desirable Atlanta suburb with the best schools. Homeowners are joining this Renovation Evolution and further increasing the value of their homes.

The kitchen is starting point for this Evolution. The kitchen is no longer just the place for food preparation; it’s now the social and lifestyle hub of the family and the kitchen has adapted to suite its present function. Style has never been more important within the kitchen but the features and configuration have changed. Here’s what’s changed in the 2019 kitchen.

Openness is The Standard.  “Removing the kitchen/den wall is included in over 80% of kitchen remodels”, comments John Hogan, owner of Remodeling Expo Center in Roswell. The kitchen is the family hub and it just can’t be separated from the family room. “Connectivity” is the new design theme in kitchen design. The common formula is to add the new large island exactly where the wall was removed.  

Single Level Islands/Peninsulas. A single level island or peninsula dramatically increases its functionality. The island has turned into a multi-functional surface; eating area, buffet for entertaining, homework area, etc. Plus, with advent of gorgeous countertops, a single level emphasizes the beautiful characteristics better.

Quartz or Granite.  These are the absolute standards. Don’t consider anything but these options. Whether for style, aesthetics, function or durability; an updated kitchen must have granite or quartz. Stay away from complicated edges, like ogee, and keep is simple.

Cooktop On the Wall. “We’re moving the cooktop to a wall location and creating magnificent tile focal points on many of our kitchens” says Remodeling Expo Center’s, John Hogan. “Moving the cooktop to the wall or moving the microwave from above the cooktop, each of these design strategies yields gorgeous kitchens. 

Smart Storage.  Sometimes enlarging the kitchen isn’t possible, or sometimes as a component of expanding the kitchen, smart storage options is always a component of the remodel. Spice racks, Keurig inserts, roll-out drawers and hidden appliance options are all surprisingly common features of 2019 kitchens.

Lighting. More light sources create less shadows and more comfortable ambient lighting feel. Remodeling Expo Center emphasizes the use of clear light, LED technology which reflects off counters and backsplash and contributes to truly gorgeous kitchens.

The Total Kitchen. Bringing all of these elements together is what makes truly gorgeous kitchens and they don’t need to be ultra expensive; they just need to be well planned. The more time you spend on planning, the better the kitchen will turn out.


John Hogan is the co-owner of Remodeling Expo Center (404-910-3969) which covers all of north Atlanta. The company specializes in helping homeowners visualize kitchen transformations using 3D renderings and personalized service. They have an extensive Design Center at 48 King Street in Roswell which is open to the public.

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