South Forsyth Middle School's FBLA officers took on the COVID challenge head on and have come up with a solution that will pay dividends for all members. Due to the majority of students learning by way of virtual academy, the officers thought of how to still provide pertinent information to the members, given the constraints of face to face meetings.

Incorporating a multi-faceted solution, they have been able to help out members in a unique way.

The first method is small group Zoom meetings so that all members of that group may not only feel important but also actively participate in discussions. This method will lend itself to the student focused point system where points are given to the small group "teams" for participation in meetings, competing in events, and fundraising.

The second method is far more time exhaustive. The officers, through the learning platform itslearning, are posting messages EVERYDAY to all the members on a variety of topics. Some of the topics are as follows:

1) Business Quote of the Day

2) FBLA Fact

3) Business Info

4) Soft Skill/Interview Skills

5) FBLA Competition Info

6) Entrepreneurial Spotlight

7) Fun Fact

Each of the topics goes into detail on that particular topic. Whether it be a tip for an interview or information on an FBLA event, EACH SCHOOL DAY the officers are creating a teaching tool focused on business principles with FBLA as a theme.

SFMS FBLA hopes to continue to thrive as it "Dares to Dream" during this rather unique school year!

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