The kids have graduated college, the weddings are paid for, and it’s time for you to enjoy your golden years. Unfortunately, you may have also realized that “downsizing” has become more expensive than keeping your existing house! ”Not simply accounting for the transactional costs of moving, but the terrible reality of the present housing market, is that newer small homes cost more than your larger home” says John Hogan president of Remodeling Expo Center.

Older couple

John continued, “an increasingly large number of our customers are empty nesters, and they’re all adapting their 1980’s or 1990’s-built home to become more current and appropriate for their later years. The present interest rate environment is fueling the rapid growth in remodeling in the form of the cash-out refi”.

These are the most common empty nester remodeling projects in North Atlanta.

Kitchen Upgrade. Adapting the kitchen for more occasions, and more people, kids plus grandchildren. Frequently improving circulation by incorporating an island with an eating area for grandchildren is a common goal. Improving accessibility of cabinets with roll-out drawers and improving storage are almost always included.

Flooring and Stairs. A highly desirable upgrade is the front entry to the home because it’s the first this you see when entering the house. Removing aged carpet runners on stairs, replacing white pickets with black metal on stairs, and re-staining hardwood floors from the 1980’s honey color to one which is darker, are all common changes made by empty nesters.

Master Bathroom. Empty nesters are very focused on, not only improving the “feel” of their bathroom, but also safety aspects. “Fortunately, there are a wide range of products that incorporated safe, non-slip surfaces that also look fabulous” says Brittany Lingerfelt, head designer at Remodeling Expo Center. Grab bars, frameless glass, level entry showers, and therapeutic tubs are all common requests.

Value Preservation. Empty nesters are increasing young at heart, and just because the kids are out of the house, doesn’t mean they’re not focusing on value and return on investment. “This is where we can offer significant consultation”, says John Hogan, “We understand our customers and they rely on us for honest advice.

For more information of how to improve the value of your home,

contact The Remodeling Expo Center at 404 910-3969 or stop in at 48 King Street, Roswell, GA 30075.

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