In any market, the three most important factors that affect the sale of every home are PRICE, CONDITION, and MARKETING. Understanding how you can fully leverage all three factors is to the key to a successful sale.



CONDITION – There are many things that fall under “condition”. First, there are general maintenance items. Making sure the landscaping is fresh, the front entrance is appealing, and that all home repairs are addressed prior to putting the house on the market can mean the difference between a quick sale and waiting months for a buyer.

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Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is the winning difference! A little bit of sweat equity on the front end can mean more money in your pocket at closing. Next, home staging is the where we see the biggest impact. The first step of our home staging process is to walk through the home and make a list of what needs to be done to make each room can look its very best. Most often, this means packing away accessories and personal photos. Less is more when it comes to selling your home! Home staging is the opposite of interior design. With interior design, we are adding our own personality to the home. With home staging, we are striving to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Next, we’ll decide whether we need to remove furniture, or bring in a few things to modernize the overall look. Think of a model home…that is the goal. There is a reason why home builders invest thousands of dollars in a model home for their new home communities!

PRICE – Getting the price right on the front end is paramount. Do not rely on Zillow or other online sources that use an algorithm to determine fair market value. A real estate professional who has years of experience and understands the nuances of the local market is the only way to truly determine the best list price. The goal should be to not overprice, but also not leave money on the table. When pricing a home, our team spends several hours looking at historical data, assessing current competition, and projecting into the future to advise our clients on the best list price to achieve top dollar.

MARKETING – While selling a home may seem easy from the outside looking in, there is much, much more to a comprehensive marketing strategy than just an online posting and sign in the yard. Once the home is staged, professional high-quality photography and video is key. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a perfectly lovely home listed online with terrible photos and no staging. The old adage, “you only get one chance at a first impression” is so true when selling your most valuable asset.

While there are many other considerations when selling your home, these three factors remain key in any market.

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