The first question I ask clients who are considering window treatments is whether they are necessary to ensure privacy or will they be an embellishment? In either situation the proper selection can make or break the best design plan. Here are some suggestions that may assist in your quest for the perfect window treatments. 

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I recommend stepping outside of your home and viewing your windows as you will also want to insure their curb appeal. A uniform look across the windows on the front side of your home, including the garage windows makes for a well thought out plan. Be consistent with your choice of window coverings, wood blinds, shades, plantation shutters should be the same on all windows. This allows interior over treatments to be shielded from the exterior view. 

Plantation shutters remain a popular choice for most home owners as they begin the window treatment process, they are available in a variety of styles and finishes. They make a striking design statement enhancing existing mill work and often eliminate the need for further treatment. 

If privacy is not a concern and your view is beautiful, enjoy it without covering the windows. You may wish to have your glass tinted to reduce the fading of furniture from sun exposure and lower energy costs. 

Modern interior with windows

When selecting windows during pre construction or the replacement process keep in mind that many windows are manufactured with built in shades, affording you touch of a button functionality.

Fabric color, textures and styles must only enhance your interior design not over power it. When using panels keep them tailored and neat. Draperies may be made lined or unlined. Their width size is determined by deciding whether they will be drawn or kept stationary. When hanging draperies, whether they be hung pleated, rod pocketed or from grommets have them graze the floor not touch. 

Enjoy your selection process! Remember simplicity is key in choosing over all window treatments. 

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