As more employees have adjusted to working from home, the demand for office space within the home has increased exponentially.

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According to a® survey, 63% of respondents plan on buying a new home given they must work remotely. Additionally, listings with a home office sell nine days faster at a 3.4% price premium compared to homes without a home office on average.

1. Be mindful when converting rooms

Although the demand for home offices has increased greatly, the number of bedrooms is still more important to buyers, according to real estate professionals. Potential buyers could overlook your property if one of the bedrooms only works as a home office. Rather, focus on creating dual-purpose spaces by potentially adding a combination guest room and office, filling a space with a freestanding desk or maximizing closet space.

Home Office

2. Pick somewhere quiet

Having an office in the central part of the home is not practical for a quiet, productive home office area. It’s best to choose a spacious room situated far from main living spaces like the kitchen, living room and dining room. Doing so will allow an environment conducive to work efficiency.

3. Transform unused areas

This is an opportunity to get creative! By identifying underused attributes of your home, you could transform a finished basement, area under the staircase or dead space upstairs into an ideal work-from-home spot. If you have no other option than to set up an office in the main area of the home, be sure to separate it by a curtain, folding screen or partition wall.

4. Showcase technological capabilities

Buyers want to know the true functionality of a home office space. High-demand details include a multitude of outlets, cord-minimization options and locations for wall-mounted routers. Also, the quality of Wi-Fi is critical! Be sure to advertise access to dependable, speedy internet, if possible.

5. Stage your home office well

Like any other room, staging is crucial for buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Begin with a clean, clutter-free space, then invest in trendy, functional office storage and furniture. To prevent monotony, add pops of colors through rugs, décor, houseplants, curtains and more!

Get to work creating your perfect home office space! Not only will you enjoy having an ideal work-from-home area, but you will also appeal to a specific buyer demand given the current global environment. If you need assistance creating your home office, please contact Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty at 770.442.7300. We would be happy to help!

Compiled and edited by Holly Haynes, Marketing Coordinator

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