While our country is practicing social distancing and quarantine methods, you may have realized that your home needs a few updates. These five home projects will not only entertain you while you’re at home, but they will also improve your living space and allow you to enjoy it even more. From spring cleaning to rearranging furniture, you can amplify your home in no time.

Bill Rawlings/ Atlanta Fine Homes


1. Take spring cleaning to a new level 

Start by moving top to bottom, cleaning walls, windows, crown molding, baseboards and more. If you have any pieces that are washable, such as curtains, take the time to do that now! Also, be sure to dust and clean hard-to-reach places like shelves, drawers and blinds. Improve your air quality by investing in a new HVAC filter, if you haven’t changed it in a while, and using a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from vents.

2. Rearrange furniture

If you need an easy and affordable refresh, rearranging the furniture is one of the quickest, most feasible ways to do so! Analyze different rooms in your home, and then determine how you can declutter and maximize the space efficiently. For example, you could switch artwork between rooms, use different pieces for other purposes such as a side table serving as a plant stand, organize books and other items by color or size and more. Get creative!

3. Swap out arrangements 

Many of us have extra linens, pillows, rugs and blankets that we may not use most of the time. Swap out your current arrangements with these items to give a new look and design to your home. You can use pieces you already have or browse online for an item you would love to introduce to your space.


4. Upgrade your yard

You will love summer days spent outdoors in an upgraded yard! Now that flowers and grasses have bloomed, you can clean up your yard to make it truly breathtaking and to enhance your curb appeal. You can do so by removing moss, debris and weeds, scrubbing outdoor furniture and patios, adding outdoor lighting and planting herbs and flowers.

5. Create a new space

As you’ve spent more time at home, you have probably noticed rooms or furniture that are hardly used. Now is a great time to sell some of these items and to create a new space that you’ve always desired! Design an office space where you can work remotely with ease, a reading nook to relax at the end of the day or even a bar and beverage area for future entertaining.

By implementing these simple updates, your home will feel fresh and like-new. If you need assistance with your home projects or have questions about how they can increase the value of your home, please contact Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty at 770.442.7300. We would be happy to help!

Compiled and edited by Holly Haynes, Marketing Coordinator

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