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O.W.L. North Georgia – A Chapter of the National OUTDOORS WITHOUT LIMITS

President – Wm. Hoover (Billy) – contact no. 404-453-5431

Pat Plant – Secretary OWL North Ga Chapter – contactnorthgaowl@gmail.com

OWL; Outdoors Without Limits, is a special program that provides access to the outdoors for those with or without disabilities.  Our North Ga Chapter is focused on fishing, primarily on the shores of Lake Lanier.  The day trip programs are sponsored by local businesses, churches and individuals, it is their generous support that allows for a fun day of fishing in the great outdoors.  Lake Lanier Corp Parks, make easy access to Lake banks, with several parks having sidewalks and ramps for wheel chair access, making it fun to go fishin!  Otherwise, some people with disabilities could be left inside a house staring at four walls, a lot of days of the year. 

The “OWL” North Georgia Chapter typically offers a full morning to go fishing with gear and bait, followed by a BBQ hotdog lunch provided free of charge.  The picnic includes more fun with prize giveaways and group photos.  This year we have had almost 30 participants, some coming from Alabama, and as far as Dalton and Athens Ga.   The attendance has been from 5 to 10 men and women with plenty of volunteers to assist us and to get acquainted with.  Great prizes were donated from Hammond’s Fishing Center and the Buford Dam Bait and Tackle Shop, that makes it exciting!  Various prizes are awarded to first catch, biggest catch, longest fish, etc...usually everyone wins!

Again, we thank our local community supporters!: the many individuals donations, Lake Lanier Corp of Engineers (Rangers, Staff and Volunteers), North Ga Crappie Anglers, Wilco Print, Hammonds Fishing Center, Buford Bait and Tackle Shop, Advantage Boat Center, That Biscuit Place, Giorgio’s Restaurant, Home Depot, BJ’s, and Cosco.  Our Forsyth County neighbors are helping us bless those that need a little extra help and we sure are happy about that!

So far this year, the outings have included: March 15th sponsored by North Ga. Crappie Anglers at Gainesville Marina, April 20 was “Catch and Release” sponsored by Corp of Engineers Catfish Pond and Hammond Fishing Center, then June 7 at West Bank Park sponsored by Advantage Boat Center, Buford Dam Bait and Tackle Shop and Hammond’s Fishing Center.  We have great local supporters and look forward to more fishing events! The North Ga Chapter usually has 2 or 3 spring/early summer fishing trips and again at end of summer and early autumn.  We have a boat outing this fall, with our friends the North Ga Crappie Anglers, we had a great time with them in the spring. 

We are also seeking boaters to volunteer so please contact us if you are interested, boats must allow for wheelchair access is most cases.      

Please email contactnorthgaowl@gmail.com for more information.

Please visit us on  facebook : OWL North Ga Fishing Group


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