Dr. Cindy Marie, Author and Speaker

Dr. Cindy Marie Kiernan prepares for speaking tour as she publishes her book, Wake Up to the Dream of a Debt-Free Life.

One of our Roswell High School graduates and long-time resident, Dr. Cindy Marie Kiernan ("C Marie"), completed her book, Wake Up to the Dream of a Debt-Free Life, soon to be published Beginning October 10, 2019, her book will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. 

In recent years, C Marie was buried in debt comprised of school loans, credit card debt, personal bank loan debt, and a car loan.  Even though she truly loved her work and found her career in teaching to be extremely satisfying, this area of life was out of control.  Once C Marie made the decision to tackle debt, other areas of life became more fulfilling, resulting in stronger faith and a higher level of contentment.  

C Marie left her position as university dean and formed her company, Puzzle Pieces to Pathway, LLC with a mission to guide others in the journey toward debt-free living. Her book, Wake Up to the Dream of a Debt-Free Life chronicles her journey and serves as a guide for others wanting to begin the journey toward debt-free living while experiencing a full life.

For more information about Puzzle Pieces to Pathway, LLC or Wake Up to the Dream of a Debt-Free Life, visit joinpp2p.com or contact C Marie at cmarie@joinpp2p.com .


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