Noble Clay Workout Crew

Members work out together in the garage during open gym hours.

Meet Atlanta’s first not for profit, individual design fitness gym: Noble Clay. Noble Clay exists to build stronger and healthier communities by making professional health and fitness care accessible to ALL of its members, regardless of their financial or fitness status.

One of their ounding members, Lurin, speaks to the work they do: “I have not only seen him serve me in this capacity, but so many others...and I think this is something the community needs.”

They have been operating out of their founders home garage in downtown Atlanta, serving about 40 members, both affluent and low-income alike, and are excited to announce they have secured a brand new location at 112 Ormond St. in the Summerhill/Peoplestown neighborhood.

7/10 deaths nation wide are due to chronic illness and disease, and it is low-income communities and those of color, that are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

In the four surrounding neighborhoods (Summerhill, Peoplestown, Mechanicsville, and Pittsburgh), ½ of the families are living below the poverty line and over 80% of them are black/African American; and it is low-income communities and those of color, that are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

These gaps hinder not only health outcomes, but also economic, social, and generational potential for families, communities, and our entire country. But there is hope, as we are addressing these disparities and tackling chronic illness, head on. 

In two weeks, they are hosting their 2nd annual Noble Clay 2K Row for the community to raise funds for our new location. Learn more about Noble Clay at

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