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As owner of Remodeling Expo Center in Roswell, I’m on the forefront of Kitchen Trends in North Atlanta. I find it interesting to see what national trends resonate with Atlanta homeowners and which one don’t. In all my years of doing this, I’ve learned that there’s one room in the house where ideas tend to stick around a bit longer — and that’s the kitchen. Good thing, considering ripping out cabinetry/appliances/fixtures on a whim, every time a new trend pops up, is neither budget-savvy nor sustainable, in any way.

Banquette seating

If there was any trend in 2018 that takes the crown as “Pinterest Queen,” it’s the banquette (whether built-in or freestanding). You can’t scroll too far without seeing a shot of a breakfast room or eat-in kitchen. Formal dining rooms have been a hard sell for a while now, as how we live in our homes seems to get more and more casual, and the banquette is a direct response to that. Family-friendly, approachable, and, frankly, just a whole lot of fun design-wise, banquette seating is holding firm.

Colored cabinetry

White and Grey kitchens are still dominant and instead of the trend dissipating, the variations of shade are just getting larger. This trend is going to stay with us for a while. The reason is because its classic, clean and doesn’t stand out; it blends into the background. And yes, blues and greens are becoming more popular but I’m not quite sure they will stick around as long.

Fixture Finishes

Polished Nickel or Champagne Bronze is a national trend that’s still trying to emerge but will probably peter out before it gets too far.  But don’t forget about matte black. It’s coming on strong and it looks great. With that said, Remodeling Expo Center installs 100’s of projects each year and satin nickel and chrome are the dominant finishes. There is no dispute that chrome fixtures against a marble-ized quartz counter background it a timeless look…

Two-toned cabinetry

Okay, this is not a new concept by any means, but it does seem to have come back out of the woodwork aggressively in recent years. I do think it’s a sign of our collective breakup with purely white kitchens. Some fresh takes include doing an all-wood island with surrounding white cabinets, white uppers with colored (or wood) bottom cabinetry, or even a statement color or dramatic black on an island with natural wood everywhere else.

Focal Point Hoods

Whether stainless, sculptural, or uniquely clad, the vent hood seems to be the new frontier of kitchen design and that train is full speed ahead. Once a staple of a very modern kitchen, I’ve seen more and more transitional and traditional spaces embracing the “statement” hood in a way that feels fresh and stylish. Stainless and shaker wood hoods are dominating the Atlanta scene but Remodeling Expo Center also installs unique and fresh looks, such as copper hoods, here and there.

Open shelving

Look, we’ve heard all the arguments against open shelving these past few years — dust! disorder! — but let me tell you right now. With confidence, there is no shaking this trend. Open shelving is the not-so-new darling, European inspired, of kitchen design and with the right surround décor, can look fabulous.

Dramatic backsplashes

Subway tiles are great for so many reasons (like budget, how easy they are to install, and their timelessness), but they aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want something a little different, with some more personality. Enter: the “drama” backsplash. As cement tiles became all the rage in about 2015/2016, a bold use of colored and patterned tile trickled into not just kitchen floors, but also backsplashes.

To learn more about trends, contact The Remodeling Expo Center at 404 910-3969 or stop in at 48 King Street, Roswell, GA 30075.


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