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The spring market is NOW…and you want to try and sell your house, but you also have a lot of de-cluttering and staging to do before your home is ready to go on the market.                                          Have you already ‘missed the boat’? Is it too late to list your house in July? 

The majority of sellers wait for the Spring market to list their home, and when they don’t sell, they tend to pull it off the market… However, many don’t seem to realize that Spring market with its major inventory and competition comes with its own challenges and hurdles. Fact is that people are looking for homes, all year round, not just in Spring. We wish we could tell you that all realtors close shop during the rest of the year and pick up back in March, but this is definitely not the case! We even sell properties on New Year’s Eve!

Here are some things to consider; 

Spring features the highest number of homes that are newly listed, making it the right time to buy for buyers, most interested in finding the perfect home because the large inventory means having a lot of options to choose from. 

Sellers face a lot of competition during the Spring, meaning this time of year you need to make sure your house ‘appears better’ than the rest.  

Selling towards the end of summer offers patient sellers the opportunity to market to the last-minute buyers or the indecisive parties. With not much inventory left, the good homes easily stand out, making it attractive for buyers to reach a fast decision.

People are constantly relocating. You never know when that potential buyer is designated to move to this area and is praying for a home like yours. 

Life events take place 365 days a year. Life happens, and it makes many of us pack up our bags and start a new chapter. Your home could be the perfect start of a new beginning.   

A good realtor will guide & advice you on how to get your house ready to go on the market fast. Not only will they stage your home to ensure you have amazing listing photo’s, they will also leverage their professional sphere and outstanding marketing strategy to get people through your door. Find a realtor that is ‘easy-to-do-business’ with, this will speed up the entire sale process for both you and your buyer. Bottom line, you can sell at any point of time. July may just be the perfect timing for your home!

The Sharp Realty Partners team is a team lead by pure passion. OTP is the ground our team has called ‘home’ for more than 15 years. We would love to tell you all about our unique ‘360 full-service’ approach, which truly ensures a stress-free process for all of our clients. What makes us different? We take pride in coordinating every step, so you can just sit back, relax and get ready to move!

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