Dr. Busch

Joseph J. Busch, Jr. MD


Dr. Busch has read more than 15,000 mpMRI scans and performed and more than 1,700 MRI in-bore targeted biopsies over the last 11 years.  Dr. Busch brings a culmination of 40+ years in Diagnostic Radiology and hundreds of international research studies to Busch Center in Alpharetta, Georgia. His approach focuses on preventative screening, accurate diagnosis with personalized care.  Dr. Busch began using mpMRI in 2010. He was trained by the world’s leading experts.  He has lectured and taught mpMRI at RSNA, Johns Hopkins, and Scottsdale, Arizona, and is a member of the ESUR, International Cancer Imaging Society and RSNA.


ALPHARETTA, Ga. (March 25, 2020) – Busch Center, the leading prostate MRI facility in America, is now offering a groundbreaking cancer treatment procedure, known as the TULSA (Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation) Procedure, which requires no incision, no radiation and is customized to treat only unhealthy prostate tissue. Busch Center is one of the few elite facilities equipped to provide this innovative treatment option.

“We are proud to offer the TULSA Procedure to our patients as it fits with our commitment to provide the most accurate, least invasive care possible for men’s prostate health,” explains Dr. Joseph J. Busch, Oncological Radiologist, “The procedure is customized to each patient, so we only treat the impacted tissue and leave the healthy tissue intact. This is a revolutionary treatment option for men with prostate cancer.”

Standard prostate cancer treatments, including complete prostate removal (prostatectomy) or radiation therapy, can be extremely painful and are associated with incontinence, impotence and nerve damage, which can greatly reduce a man’s quality of life. The TULSA Procedure, using recently FDA-cleared technology developed by Profound Medical Corp., provides customizable, predictable and incision-free ablation of a defined region of the prostate while actively protecting surrounding organs and structures.

“Our goal is to elevate the standard of prostate care for men in America through early detection, accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments so that men maintain a high quality of life,” Dr. Busch explains, “Offering the TULSA Procedure helps us deliver on that promise.”

At Busch Center, the TULSA Procedure is a single-day outpatient procedure, just like the highly accurate MRI screenings and MR-Guided In-bore Targeted Biopsies performed at the center. For more information, please visit www.buschcenter.com.

About the Busch Center

Based in metro-Atlanta, patients come to Busch Center from across the country and around the globe because of their high standards, personalized care, compassionate team, high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art facility. Busch Center’s team understands that every patient’s situation is different and – regardless of their specific circumstances – being diagnosed with prostate cancer is overwhelming and scary. Dr. Busch is a Visible Radiologist which means he talks with patients, explaining their procedure, answering questions, reviewing scans, and providing test results during the office visit. He then thoughtfully provides personalized recommendations for care plans based on evidence-based medicine. 

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