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A brilliant, white, straighter smile deserves a beautiful framework. Whether you’re blessed with great teeth and have taken good care of them or have invested in a perfect smile through orthodontics, whitening, or other cosmetic work, you may wish to address some of those lines and wrinkles, as well. 

Imagine the convenience of getting regular BOTOX™ treatment during your routine dental hygiene visits! Or perhaps you’ve been curious for a while but haven’t been able to schedule time in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. In as little as one visit, we can erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth, ease pesky crow’s feet, and minimize stress lines on your forehead. 

You may not have heard about an FDA-approved use of BOTOX therapy for head, neck, and/or facial pain. The same effect of BOTOX that reduces the appearance of wrinkles (relaxing muscles) is used to reduce the intensity of muscle contractions. Intense and/or prolonged contractions of our muscles used for chewing can cause pain and damage to our teeth. Pain can be in the contracted muscle or can be referred to a distant site. Severe clenching and grinding of the teeth can cause the teeth to chip, break, or even need root canal treatments. One BOTOX treatment can provide relief for up to three months, and a side benefit is the reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of relief from pain or the opportunity to look younger and fresher, call us today at 678-894-7926 or visit Schedule 9/30/19 and get a $50 Visa Gift Card! 

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