COVID-19 first instinct: Stop everything and stay home! I think most of us found ourselves thinking this way. We cancelled appointments with doctors and dentists that were well-checks and any other appointment that would be in-person. We did not stop to think of ways we could still get those things done safely. There’s a Charlie Brown and Snoopy comic where both of them are sitting on a dock. Charlie Brown exclaims: “Someday, we will all die, Snoopy!” Snoopy replies: “True, but on all the other days we will not.” That’s right. On all the other days we will live. Let’s plan to live. 

I just spoke with a client this morning. They both got sick with normal annual upper respiratory issues (not with COVID) and are now better and wanted to scrap their plans with my office. I explained that they needed those plans now more than ever because their healthcare directives are part of their plan. Both are over 65 and have underlying health issues, but here’s how we are going to take care of them. We will be reviewing their documents using Zoom – an online meeting website. Then we will be scheduling a front yard signing assuming elder law attorneys are defined as an essential business by our governor under a shelter-in-place order. We will put the documents with disinfected pens by the front door, back up into the front yard, call them, they will come out and we will tell them where to initial and sign. Then they will put the documents back in the envelope (keep the pens) and go back inside their home. We collect the documents and take them back to the office to scan and bind. Then we will send them their originals and copies through USPS or courier. In just a few weeks, they will have their original healthcare directives and copies which they will need if either of them becomes sick with COVID-19 or another illness.

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