While traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene and preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile. Most restorative, general and/or family dental practices address dental problems that require necessary treatment, whereas cosmetic dentistry provides elective – or desired – treatments or services.

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Cosmetic Trends

Technological advancements in natural-looking, tooth-colored dental materials make today’s cosmetic dental treatments more durable and predictable than in years past. Additionally, dentists are now using more conservative techniques to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, depending upon your specific clinical situation.

What would you like to change about your smile?

• Chips or rough spots: These can often be handled with dental bonding, which is the application of tooth-colored composite resin to repair a decayed, chipped, fractured or discolored tooth.

• Broken-down teeth: Porcelain crowns, inlays or onlays are usually used to handle broken-down teeth.

• Uneven or misshapen teeth: Recontouring can reshape your teeth. Porcelain veneers are another option.

• Stained or yellow teeth: Typically, teeth are whitened with bleaching or by applying porcelain veneers.

• Cavities or silver (metal) fillings

We use tooth-colored fillings and can also replace your unsightly metal fillings.

• Gaps between the teeth: Gaps can often be treated with orthodontics.  For a fast and very effective treatment, gaps can be closed with porcelain veneers or, in some cases, dental bonding.

• Crooked teeth: In some cases, crooked teeth can be given a uniform appearance with porcelain veneers.

• Gummy smile or irregular gum line: Atlanta Dental Center uses laser treatment to address gum disease, to eliminate excess gum tissue and for gum reshaping and contouring.

• Missing teeth: Dental implants can be used in various ways to provide you with natural-looking, natural-functioning and natural-feeling new teeth.

• Cracked teeth: We use dental bonding to repair cracked teeth.

• Bad bite: Invisalign treatment can adjust a bad bite. Along with virtual invisibility, Invisalign® is a more comfortable straightening solution for most people.

Treatment Options

Cosmetic dentistry treatments currently in use include:

• Inlays/Onlays: Also known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays made from porcelain or composite materials are a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing way to provide a “filling” to teeth with tooth decay or similar structural damage.

• Composite Bonding: Chipped, broken, discolored or decayed teeth may be repaired or have their appearance corrected using a procedure called composite bonding.

• Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure.

• Dental Veneers: Composite or porcelain laminates that are adhesively bonded to the surface of a tooth to correct and repair chips and cracks will improve a worn appearance or severe tooth discoloration.

• Dental Implants: Dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements that are used as a part of prosthetic (artificial replacement) dentistry in order to compensate for tooth loss.

• Smile Makeover: Smile makeovers involve a comprehensive assessment of your smile aesthetics in order to improve its overall appearance.

• Full mouth reconstruction: While consulting with you about a smile makeover to primarily improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile, your dentist may discover that there is a need to provide necessary treatment to correct functional problems with your bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure.

Recently voted Best Dentist of North Atlanta in “The Best of the Best” contest, Roswell Dental Care can help you maintain that healthy smile for a lifetime. Dr. David Remaley has been treating patients like family for over 30 years in Roswell and the North Atlanta area.

Roswell Dental Care offers FREE conscious sedation Nitrous oxide) to any patients that are anxious about their dental procedures.

We will be happy to offer a COMPLMENTARY evaluation if you or any family member is considering doing cosmetic dentistry. We always welcome new patients and are available for same day dental emergencies. Give our office a call at (470) 288-1152 to schedule an cosmetic evaluation appointment or visit our website at www.roswelldentalcare.com.

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