Conservative dentistry is the idea of delivering dental care and solutions by preserving dental structures. 

It is the notion that a patient’s dental care is taken into account along the continuum of his/her dental health, rather than merely”fixing a hole on a tooth.” It takes into account several factors that are related to the individual patient- age, diet, previous dental care, tendencies towards dental conditions, overall health factors, dexterity, preventative care, compliance, etc. A patient’s individual treatment plan is derived with all the above factors in mind rather than a cookie cutter plan that merely repairs an issue. Careful consideration is taken to understand the source of the issues, to derive a diagnosis, and to formulate a treatment plan to restore without compromising the teeth and to mitigate future problems. It is a holistic approach to what is required to repair and restore function and longevity. This takes a deliberation and intention to the patients overall care. The overarching concept is that we, as humans are given one set of permanent teeth and we are required to care for them for LIFE. It is then that “less is more” becomes relevant as teeth and gums can only withstand so much dentistry, and preserving these dental and surrounding structures has a value of life long longevity. Early detection of problems, conservative treatments, additive procedures that don’t harm other teeth, preventative care, and routine maintenance care become the modality by which this can be achieved.

One of our tag lines at North Fulton Smiles, “better tomorrow than we are today,” supports our treatment modality of Conservative dentistry. It is our goal to ensure that treatment rendered has been well thought out such that it serves the patient for a long period. In my 11 years of caring for patients at North Fulton Smiles, we have seen great success and gratification in treating patients of all ages in this manner. Let’s face it nothing lasts forever, but when dentistry has to be revisited, it should have served the patient well by lasting more than 10 years, and more importantly, not set back the patients dental health. A highly individualized treatment plan, using modern dental treatments, technologies and materials that preserve teeth can ensure greater success for a life time of sound dental health and happy smiles.

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