Staying active is essential for a well-balanced life; however, finding ways to stay engaged can be challenging during COVID-19. Village Park residents Ms. Lou Jones and Ms. Gail Evans have found a way to explore the world from the comfort of their home. Acting as Village Park’s resident librarians, Lou and Gail have taken it upon themselves to manage the library at Village Park Alpharetta. The pair says reading is relaxing, educational, and it brings people together.

Village Park resident librarian

“It is amazing the number of people who take full advantage of this library,” Lou said. She explained that the library is a place residents frequently utilize. “You would never see open shelves here at all because so many people would take some [books] out and bring some back.”

Gail agrees with her friend Lou adding, “You don’t have to go somewhere. It’s right here. You just take the elevator down or walk the path and you’ve got a world of books to choose from.”

She calls the room a “growing library”, explaining that people bring books and leave them in the library. Gail and Lou then organize the novels based on genre, author, and so on. From sports to mysteries, there’s a novel for everybody to enjoy. The two friends say it’s relaxing and vital to always continue reading.

“I think it’s really important and not only does it bring you pleasure, but it’s something you can do alone anytime. You just need a good book,” Gail says. “It certainly is good for your mind to read and it’s good for learning.”

Gail is right. According to Seniors Lifestyle Magazine, reading can reduce stress and loosen muscle tension. Reading also helps improve analytical and reasoning skills which can be beneficial to decision making. One of Lou’s favorite takeaways from reading is the ability to continue to increase her knowledge.

“You are exposed to information that is new to you,” She points out. “You are blessed with all kinds of information that you probably didn’t know before and it’s amazing to me, that we sit at the dinner table and we start to talk about a book every once in a while and it’s fun.” 

The stories within the library create a sense of camaraderie among the residents. The books become a favorite topic of discussion and the library acts as space for residents to meet each other.

“It’s a pleasant place to be, people just enjoy coming in and browsing,” Gail says.

When asked why they volunteered to manage the library, Lou conveyed her passion and motivation. 

“I sort of feel like it’s my project. I just walk in and see if there’s anything in the return boxes or if there’s anything here I notice could be touched up,” She says. “I don’t think we’ve had any time that the staff, as well as the people that live here, have been anything other than very, very supportive and it really is like a family here.”

The library is just one of the many amenities enjoyed by Ms. Lou Jones and Ms. Gail Evans. To watch their full story, visit Village Park Alpharetta’s Facebook page. To discover more about amenities, residences, and care services offered at Village Park Senior Living, give us a call at any of our properties. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates and subscribe to our YouTube page.

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