Congratulations to Premier Dermatology and Mohs Surgery of Atlanta for its third year in a row of being voted Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist of North Fulton! I decided to sit down with Dr. Brent Taylor and physician assistant Kathryn Filipek at Premier Dermatology to get their take on their success and to learn a bit more about them. 

Alyssa: Hey you two! So nice to see you guys again! I’ve previously had the pleasure of speaking with you both separately regarding Premier Dermatology and your particular contributions to the practice, but I wanted to take time to sit down with you both to hear your thoughts on your continued success. Dr. Taylor, congratulations on another win for Best of North Fulton 2020! This marks your 3rd year being named both Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist in North Fulton since opening in 2017. That’s quite an accomplishment. To what do you attribute your continued success?

Dr. Taylor


Dr. Taylor: Thank you Alyssa! Well, as I’ve said in the past, I believe that my patients understand our sincerity and our dedication to our patients’ healthcare. Kathryn and I and our amazing team all honestly care about our patients and their well-being. I hope that that sincerity comes through during our interactions. We always strive to give our patients our complete attention and to learn more about an individual as a person as well as a patient. There are plenty of times when a patient brings something to our attention or compels us to do additional research, and Kathryn and I are constantly collaborating on our patients’ behalf. I believe that comes through. All of that, and my awesome dad jokes are a big hit. I’m a father of three boys ages seven, five and two, so I have plenty of time to practice my material.

Kathryn: I agree with everything that Dr. Taylor said, especially how nice the patients are to laugh at his jokes. Our team really is wonderful. We have experienced and caring team members. And we have received a lot of compliments that the practice has a personal and “boutique” feel, even as we deliver care that is scientific and academic.

Alyssa: Kathryn and Dr. Taylor, how is everything going in this odd Covid time? I believe Kathryn joined the practice in March? I bet that was an interesting time to expand?

Dr. Taylor: We are beyond grateful for the addition of Kathryn! She really is a fantastic provider and is knowledgeable and experienced in dermatology. Most importantly, our skillsets really complement one another. For example, my focus in the vein clinic portion of our practice has been on treating venous disease that results in leg swelling and pain, and Kathryn has years of experience performing aesthetically-focused cosmetic sclerotherapy. She brought PRP for hair rejuvenation to the practice as well as chemical peels and is an expert Botox® and filler injector. The addition of another provider also means that we are frequently able to accommodate patients for same day or next day appointments. Covid was inconvenient but the slowdown also allowed us to make sure Kathryn’s integration to the practice was seamless.

Alyssa: Well I think that’s enough serious business for now. I thought we could ask a few casual questions to allow your readers get to know you both a little better.

If you won the lottery tomorrow what would be the first thing you did after you cashed it?

Brent: I would probably pay off the mortgages of my family and all my staff. And I would buy some new socks because mine are pretty sad right now. And some chocolate chip cookies.

Kathryn: Flee the country and not tell my husband. No, seriously, after working so hard to put myself through college and my medical training, I would love to set up an educational fund for young adults from my hometown in Michigan so they could receive higher education and not have to take half of their adult life to pay it off.

If you could immediately become fluent in something, what would it be?

Brent: Italian. Feeling like a local in a foreign country has to be fun, and I think Italy tops my list.

Kathryn: Spanish. I was able to apply a lot of my “Splanglish” while living in South Florida, but Dr. Taylor puts me to shame when he is able to communicate fluently, and I only understand a portion of what he or my patients are saying.

What were you like in high school?

Brent: I was very smart. And very naive. I had very little time for much besides keeping my nose to the grindstone but was still happy and people still joke that in the back of my head I seem to have The Girl From Ipanema playing on repeat.

Kathryn: I moved halfway through my freshman year, so it took me a bit to find my place. I was outgoing and took part in Cross Country, Basketball, Track, several academic and service clubs, played piano and worked as a server at a restaurant. I also enjoyed a lot of time on the beach of Lake Superior (cold, but true)

Who is someone you look up to?

Brent: My dad. Sounds cliché’ but it’s true. My dad is just such a wonderful man. He’s kind and patient and incredibly intelligent. He has worked extremely hard to accomplish everything he has in life and really instilled in me a strong work ethic and a compassionate heart. I am beyond fortunate for my family.

Kathryn: My Grandmother. She grew up on a dairy farm on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and taught school in a one room schoolhouse until she went to nursing school in Ontario in her 20’s. She didn’t marry my Grandfather until her late 20’s, had her children in her 30’s and worked as a nurse in Detroit until her 70’s. She always had a positive outlook on life and a laugh that would turn into a “hissing fit” because of her asthma, which made all around her giggle.

What do you do in your free time?

Brent: I use those ten seconds to fantasize about having free time. I’m only half-joking. Hobbies are a bit on pause with three boys seven and younger. Every moment my wife and I have we try and do something for the kids. The park. Hiking, playing baseball in the backyard, reading together, teaching them to ride a bike, fishing, playing piano. I don’t have children that will just sit and watch a movie. I don’t know if it’s their age but they are just nonstop. My wife refers to them as tiny tornados. When I do have time again, I’d like to resume flying. I have my pilot’s license and love the beauty of the world seen from the air.

Kathryn: Traveling if I have that much time. Otherwise running, golf, hiking, kayaking and family and friend time. Honestly, I love taking my dog for a walk on the greenway too!

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Brent: Is this my opportunity to plug Outback Steakhouse and hope they mail me an honorary-Aussie free-food-for-life card?

Kathryn: Soup. My Dad was our primary cook growing up and never wastes food. You can make soup out of anything.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Brent: Watching fish swim around a coral reef in a sea so warm that you forget you’re even in the water.

Kathryn: Oh, this is a fun question. Something to challenge myself. Going to a new place. Seeing something out of the ordinary. The last perfect trip I had was in Costa Rica, where I kayaked at night in bioluminescence water, climbed a 200 foot tree, hiked through the rain forest and swam in the river (yes, I got ticks). I even tried surfing and ate a termite! Flights and weather were perfect. Locals were amazing. Can’t wait for the next perfect vacation.

What is something embarrassing about yourself?

Brent: Um, I never remember birthdays or anniversaries etc. Not because I don’t remember what day they are but because I don’t ever know what date it currently is. Oh, and I once was backstage a Miley Cyrus concert. It was a friend’s fault I promise!

Kathryn: I used to be amazing at remember peoples’ faces and names. Now I’ve turned into what I used to make fun of my mother for. Sigh.

What is a long-term goal?

Brent: More than anything I want my kids to grow up to reach their potential and be happy.

Kathryn: Ditto to that. Happiness and health for my children and never stop learning.

If you or a loved one are looking for exception dermatologic or vein care, please consider Premier Dermatology and Mohs Surgery of Atlanta for your skin care needs. And thank you to all of our amazing patients who voted us Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist of North Fulton!

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