Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws

Fall is a beautiful time of year to read a book with your young one while enjoying quality time before bed. Cody L Clark is a newly discovered children's book author and has recently published a phenomenal story about the virtues of acceptance. Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws captivates readers with humor and teaches a valuable lesson about acceptance.

Author Cody L Clark grew up in a small North Carolina town northwest of Charlotte. In the story, Clark cleverly references his tiny hometown as Dogwood, the state tree of North Carolina. Clark said, "Setting the story in Dogwood was an easy decision for a lit of reasons." Clark had an active imagination as a child, but it never faded as he grew older. His imagination is his main inspiration for writing. Clark stated, "My favorite thing about writing is the freedom it gives me to use my imagination. It's a lot of fun!" 

Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws is based on the meeting of two dogs from different backgrounds. Clark experienced this first hand with his two dogs, who are also characters in the story. According to Clark, when his dogs first moved in together, uncertainty was clear, but over time the dogs have become best friends.

 Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Synopsis: Mayor Ruby has a problem in Dogwood. A new hound arrives in town and the residents aren't happy. Will Mayor Ruby be able to keep Dogwood together without upsetting the newcomer?

"Lucky Dogs: Shake Paws is a beautifully illustrated book. Each scene jumps off the page. There are many valuable lessons to be learned in this story. I predict children will gravitate towards this story. Author Cody L Clark is talented and has written a story with great substance. I can easily see this book becoming a part of a series."

Midwestbookreview - Suzie Housley

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