Intimate, yet worldly. Nurturing, yet academically rigorous. Loving, yet on the cutting edge of technology. Can a school really have it all? We think it has to. 

Woodward North is the Johns Creek campus of Woodward Academy. Enrolling pre-K through sixth grade students and located on 33 beautifully wooded acres, it combines the intimacy of home with the resources of our Main Campus. With an average student-teacher ratio of 9:1, everyone from our principal to our school nurse to our beloved teachers is dedicated to caring for our kids every step of the way, while guiding them through a challenging college-preparatory curriculum. 

Expertise in science, math, reading, and writing is just the tip of the iceberg at Woodward North. We incorporate our STEAM programs throughout the curriculum, preparing our students for success amidst a rapidly changing world. Students in pre-K through third grade enjoy classes where they are taught foundational skills in technology, robotics and coding as well as general computer skills. Students in fourth through sixth grades take advanced classes in these subjects, with additional emphasis on engineering, design thinking, research, media production, and life skills to encourage and inspire critical thinking, problem-solving, and engaged collaboration. In addition, our Learning labs and our dedicated STEAM Station are outfitted with the latest technology like BeeBots, SmartBoards, iPads, and other robotics and engineering tools that students use to solve real-world problems. 

Educating the whole child means cocurricular programs, athletics, and the arts are a vital part of every student’s educational journey. From horseback riding to golf to an array of of other athletic options, every student is active at Woodward North. Our arts programs are similarly extensive. Our students learn skills in music, performance, drawing, painting, and crafts that set them up for a lifetime of creative work.

But all these programs and curricula only mean as much as the community behind them; at Woodward, students are part of a truly diverse community that cultivates strong character and a deep respect for difference. Here, these are more than buzzwords--diversity is our backbone. Every day, our students bring experiences from a vast array of cultures, ethnicities, religions, races, learning styles, and geographic neighborhoods, which means that every day they learn from peers who are different from them. We emphasize our global curriculum and service to support civic engagement. Our diversity, service, and global programs create truly compassionate citizens of the world. 

Most Woodward North students continue on to Main Campus in seventh grade for a whole new world of opportunities, including our Independent Scientific Research and Global Connections programs. The Academy provides extensive bus transportation, and many students choose to ride MARTA in designated Woodward cars with assigned security officers. A typical Woodward Academy graduating class attends more than 100 different colleges and universities, devotes 5,000 hours to community service, and earns more than $15 million in scholarships. They join an alumni network of 10,000+ and go on to live every version of success as engineers, musicians, professors, business leaders, you name it. 

To learn more about Woodward and the vast options available for students to create their own path, visit us at woodward.edu. 

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