JC Montessori

Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia provides excellence in a Montessori education for children 8 weeks through six years.

• An authentic Montessori environment:  We provide a true Montessori environment, where each child’s needs are respected and everyone works together for the good of the community.  Our focus during the summer months of June and July will be on the folk tales and traditions of the Asian, European and North American cultures.  

• Rigorous training:  We require our Lead Teachers to hold a MACTE-accredited credential.  They are highly skilled and able to work with young children individually, guiding each one to the materials that will offer the lessons that he is ready to absorb. 

• Nationally recognized:  Johns Creek Montessori is accredited with quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and by the Pan American Montessori Society and is an initiate member school of the American Montessori Society.

• High-quality Montessori materials:  We equip each of our vibrant classroom communities with the didactic Montessori materials, developed by Maria Montessori herself.  These are specifically designed to meet the child’s individual needs in learning style and pace and give him exactly what he needs, when he is ready for it. 

• Education for life:  We help children develop independence, a working memory, flexible thinking, organization and self-control, all hallmarks of the Montessori system of education. Our children learn to offer a helping hand in friendship to each other and to collaborate to find workable solutions, skills that will last a lifetime.

• Non-competitive relationships and an appreciation for art, music and sport: Enrichment classes for the summer sessions include yoga, music and soccer. We foster supportive, mutually beneficial relationships between children in our multi-age classrooms.  The younger children learn by watching older friends and the older children share with smaller friends the skills and talents they have acquired. 

• Partnership with parents:  We believe that parents are the child’s first and best teachers and we value the support they give.  Our Summer classes are held in two-week sessions and we offer half-day, full-day and all-day programs to meet the needs of all our families. 

We are Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia. 

Sowing the seeds of organic learning.

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