Saint Francis School is a SACS/SAIS accredited, independent, non-profit, nonsectarian college preparatory school founded in 1976. The mission of Saint Francis School is to provide a college preparatory program to students with diverse academic ability in a structured environment that is challenging and supportive.

St Francis students

Kindergarten – 8th grades are located on the 24-acre Roswell Campus while the High School is located on the 47-acre Alpharetta campus. The school’s commitment to small class sizes, low pupil-to-teacher ratio, and a strong emphasis on structure and organization allows students to enjoy success in academic areas and develop the self-confidence necessary to be successful in college. Curriculum offerings include AP, Honors, Traditional and Support classes.

With a 100% acceptance rate to college and with the majority of graduates qualifying for the Hope Scholarship, Saint Francis alumni attend a wide variety of programs ranging from Ivy League schools, to small private colleges to prestigious Art Institutes. Saint Francis is a Google Apps for Education Classroom, utilizing laptops in grades 4 – 12. Specialized reading programs offered include Fundations®, Wilson Reading System®, Just Words® and supplemental support from Cars® and Stars® Reading Comprehension. Sports are offered at both the middle and high school (GHSA) including football, soccer, baseball, track, swimming, wrestling, softball, volleyball and equestrian.

For more information call 770.641.8257 Ext. 56 (Grades 1– 8) and 678.339.9989 Ext. 33 (Grades 9 – 12) or visit our website:

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