One of the easiest but often overlooked enhancement to a house to improve the curb appeal is to add or update your exterior shutters.  Historically exterior shutters served a purpose by offering light control, ventilation and protection from the elements. Today exterior shutters are mostly decorative.  

“Exterior shutters add the finishing touch to a house”, says Hennie DuPreez, CEO of Dupbel Millworks Inc.  “But it is important that they are appropriately sized and look like they are supposed to be there.”

Whether you’re adding or replacing shutters to add curb appeal or as part of a remodel, consider these tips from Dupbel Millworks Inc., one of the leading shutter manufacturers in North Georgia.

Style:  Make sure the style adds visual interest to the house, whether you choose traditional Raised panels, a Board and Batten style, Louvers or one of the more modern styles.  Depending on the style you can make your house look more traditional, contemporary or modern.  A reputable shutter provider will be able to help you choose the look you are trying to achieve.  

Size:  One of the biggest mistakes people make with shutters is the size.  It is important that the shutters are sized correctly for your windows, while taking into account the features of the house, obstacles that could be present, and the look you are trying to achieve.   Your shutters are going to be mostly decorative, but make sure they are sized as if they would be functional and as if they belong there.

Hardware:  Traditionally shutters were attached to the window frames with hinges.  Today hardware plays an important role in the appearance of your shutters.  Various options are available depending on the style of the shutters and the type of windows.  Adding hardware adds to the curb appeal and the authentic look.  It also put the shutter at a slight angle, adding visual interest and creating better shadow lines that brings out the design features of the shutter style.  

Material:  Exterior shutters are available in various material and you need to find the right balance between price, how long they will last and the look you are trying to achieve.  Vinyl shutters are typically the cheapest option for obvious reasons, wood looks great but do not necessary withstand the elements, and then you have various composite materials that could provide you with the authentic look and long lasting criteria. 

Installation:  Make sure you are confident working on a ladder, or make sure you use a professional crew with the necessary insurance.  The installation cost is typically in addition to the price of the shutters and hardware.  Ensure there is a suitable mounting surface and that the window frames are in good shape before installation.

Dupbel Millworks Inc. manufactures exteriors shutters using only weather resistant materials.  Our core business is shutters made from a composite wood material that is rot, insect and weather resistant.  This is especially important in Georgia’s hot, humid conditions.  Although we carry a series of shutters styles, we are fully equipped to help you design the specific look you desire, and every shutters is custom made based on your house, windows and design.  

We use your house as our showroom, knowing very well how difficult it can be to see what a specific style of shutter will do the look of your home.  We come to your house with samples and will help you to choose the perfect style of shutter for your house.  

Our business is located in Alpharetta, GA and we are proud to serve the residential and commercial market of North Georgia.  We are small enough to provide you with personal attention, yet strong enough to handle complex designs and the volume from our commercial customers. 

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