Village Park Milton holidays

The holidays are full of memories and joyful gatherings with family and friends. Homemade cookies, storytelling, and the magic of decorations transform many grandparents’ homes into a winter wonderland. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Rice left their home to move to Village Park Alpharetta, they worried they would no longer be able to host their families and keep the magic alive in their downsized home. “Our house was the Christmas house for the family,” said Mrs. Rice, “There were two things we didn’t want to leave from the big house: our art collection and the Christmas.” 

They found, however, that they could continue their family traditions and begin new ones in their new senior living community. Proud parents to seven children and grandparents to seven grandchildren, the Rices enjoy getting the family together to celebrate a number of occasions. The most recent celebration was for Mr. Rice’s 85th birthday with 24 guests for lunch and cake at their beautiful bungalow.

Not only did they find their new home enabled them to keep hosting holidays and family but to continue to showcase their beautiful art collection. “We have collected art for 45 years. It made us feel good to have the art on the wall. One of our sons came to visit and he said, ‘Now it looks like your place’.” 

When seniors downsize and move from their “forever homes” to a senior living community, the holidays can continue to be a special time with family and friends. If you’d like to learn more about Village Park Alpharetta or our new community, Village Park Milton, visit

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