It’s a busy time of year. Parties (socially distanced, of course!), shopping and festive gatherings provide a variety of occasions for holiday joy…and for getting into holiday trouble.  As we enter this season of fun and celebration, American Commerce Bank offers these friendly tips for staying safe and cyber-secure in the days ahead. We present for you:


#12 - Watch out for public Wi-Fi: Public connections are NOT secure.  Never perform banking transactions while on a public network.  When online shopping, disable public Wi-Fi and switch to your mobile network.

#11 - Be aware of “shoulder surfers”: The most basic form of data theft is by observation.  Shield your device when disclosing confidential information.

#10 - Purge your electronic devices of all data before donating them: remove memory cards and hard drives from computers, tablets and phones before sale or donation to a worthy cause.

#9 - Avoid storing sensitive information like passwords or social security numbers on a mobile device.  And if you do, password-protect them!

#8 - Protect your phone from viruses and malware just like your computer by installing security software.  Not all carriers provide it with an account.

#7 - Log out completely when finishing a mobile banking session.

#6 - Set strong passwords with a minimum of 14 characters.  Both upper and lower case plus symbols are best.  Use phrases that you will remember.

#5 - Before shopping online, be sure the website utilizes secure technology.  Look for https: and that tiny, locked padlock in the URL.

#4 - Be wary of phishing scams: spoof (fake) sites, urgent requests and sophisticated email schemes abound on the web.  Look carefully for misspellings and unidentified links.  If in doubt regarding the authenticity of a message, call the sender directly to confirm identity.

#3 - Avoid positing personal info like home address, birthdays, or your mother’s maiden name on social media.

#2 - Write or sticker contact info on your mobile devices.  It may not look ‘cool’, but it could just get your device returned to you!

#1 – And report suspected fraud to your bank immediately.  Always.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! For more information about American Commerce Bank, visit us at

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