Dear Readers, 

I’m writing to you today to tell you that you may have a monster in your closet.

You might have thought that you left your monster in your closet behind you when you left your parent’s house, but this one followed behind you. This monster has been in your closet since you were born and will stay there until you die. When you die, he will jump out and scare the crap out of your loved ones. It’s true.

The MONSTER in your CLOSET is the Georgia Medicaid Estate Claim. You see, Georgia is really a pretty good state to die in because we do not have an inheritance tax so unless you have $11 million dollars, you don’t have to worry about estate taxes. But if you receive help from Georgia’s Medicaid program while you are living, then Medicaid will send your family a claim letter after you die asking to be reimbursed dollar for dollar for the benefits you received while you were living. These claims can be very LARGE! I’ve seen claims of $94,000. Medicaid’s claim attaches to your estate. This means that your most valuable asset – your home, may need to be sold to pay this claim. What does that mean for your loved ones? Loss. Loss of their inheritance; loss of property that may have been in your family for generations. Here’s the good news. You CAN AVOID this MONSTER by planning ahead. Curious as to how? Go to WILSON-LEGAL.COM/EVENTS to register for our THERE’S A MONSTER IN YOUR CLOSET Workshop.

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