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Backpacks Full of Heart

Back to School Supplies for students in need.


Are you ready to fill ‘Backpacks Full of Heart?’  The Place is, we are ready to get started with your help.  Let’s get the 2019-2020 school year started off with a bang!  Let’s work together and show the students all the support they need to make this year the best yet? 


The Place of Forsyth County works with the local schools to find the students in need of extra assistance.  This upcoming year they need help collecting 1,548 backpacks full of supplies.  The schools will be distributing the bags during Open House.  The deadline for collection is July 15th, 2019. 


Ways YOU Can Help?  You could adopt a school or collect specific items needed.  Being able to provide students with these items will not only help them but will also relieve their families of those extra stressor’s.  If you are interested in participating this upcoming school year, contact information is listed below.  We all are excited to know we play a small role in these students lives.


In 2018, 1,749 backpacks were distributed to the local schools.  Amazingly, 14,898 school supplies were donated!  That is an estimated value of $80,368.78!  Thank you to the Forsyth County community for your contributions and partnership.


If you are interested in learning more in how you and/or your group can help The Place of Forsyth County with ‘Backpacks Full of Heart’ contact Naomi Byrne or Jayna Robertson at 770-887-1098 or    





The Place of Forsyth County is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1975.  The Place is committed to its mission of assisting people of Forsyth County with essential needs and to be self-sustaining. The Place strives to be good stewards of donations received.  Currently, 92¢ of every dollar donated goes back into The Place Programs. 

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