UPDATED: Fulton closes schools until further notice

Meal Distribution

Student meal distribution began this week for students impacted by school closures. In North Fulton, children can receive meals from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Mimosa Elementary in Roswell, and Haynes Bridge Road Middle School in Alpharetta.

For those arriving in cars, meals will be brought out to the vehicle. For those arriving on foot, officials ask people to not gather in large groups as you wait for meals to be brought out. Meals cannot be consumed on site.

Meals are only for children under 18 (or individuals with special needs under age 21). Should other family members require meals, Fulton Schools is partnering with the Atlanta Food Bank and other non-profit partners to supplement those meals.

For more information visit www.fultonschools.org.

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Remote Learning

Fulton Schools has developed a remote learning plan, aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, allowing students to continue their classes from home during the district closure. Lessons will be offered both in digital format, as well as non-digital options for students without access to the internet or for curriculum materials not available online.

Lessons plans were implemented for the week of March 16–20, and will continue the following weeks if needed.

Students and parents will receive information directly from their schools and teachers about their specific remote learning plans. For more information visit www.fultonschools.org.

New cases of COVID-19

Any new cases of staff members testing positive for the coronavirus will be reported by public health agencies. District leaders are asking employees to continue self-reporting to the district’s Human Resources division to allow the district to monitor cases internally.

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