Parents looking for elementary school options for the child outside their zoned school will have lots of choices next year across North Fulton County. 

Parents of middle and high school parents will have few options, as space and capacity limit the options.

The Fulton County School System identified 58 of the district’s 105 schools as “open enrollment” schools for the 2019-20 school year. Since 2009, state law allows parents of students enrolled in a public K-12 school to enroll in another school within the district if space allows. 

Charter schools are already open enrollment and not subject to the law.

In North Fulton, 20 of the 28 traditional elementary schools are participating in open enrollment next year. The choice for middle school transfers is limited to Holcomb Bridge Middle in Roswell.

At the high school level, only Northview High School in Johns Creek and Centennial High in Roswell can accept transfer students; all other North Fulton high schools are projected to be at or above instructional capacity.

Applications for transfer under open enrollment are due May 15 by 4:30 p.m. Parents will be notified of their child’s status by June 30, according to Fulton School officials. Applications are available online at the Open Enrollment page for the Student Assignment Office at

Once accepted, the student may remain at that school through all grade levels, for example through fifth grade, eighth grade and 12th grade, as long as attendance requirements are met. If accepted, parents agree to provide transportation to the school of choice.

Selection is made based on lottery if applications exceed space, and siblings are not guaranteed placement, according to school officials. 

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