The Fulton County Board of Education is discussing the possibility of re-opening schools the Monday after the district’s planned spring break, if the threat of coronavirus ends.

“It is likely Fulton County Schools will be closed through spring break (April 6-10) and [potentially] re-opening Monday, April 13,” Communications Chief Brian Noyes said.

He stressed no reopening date has been officially set. Gov. Brian Kemp has mandated school closure until the end of March.

On the other hand, students ending the year with remote learning still in place is a real possibility as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) remains an active threat.

“We want students to be back in schools as soon as possible,” said Fulton Schools Superintendent Mike Looney. “Remote learning is an option being deployed because of the current circumstances, but is not as effective as one of our Fulton County teachers in their classroom.”

The impact on personnel is significant, with most non-classroom or administrative employees currently sidelined until school reopens.

Looney said paychecks are continuing to staff, including those involved in food service, maintenance, custodial and transportation, among other eligible full- and part-time employees.

“Teachers and school administrators are actively engaging in remote learning to continue learning during this crisis,” Looney said. “Many employees are engaged in the food distribution program, and maintenance and custodial staff continue to maintain our facilities.” 

To keep the sense of school community strong, Looney is encouraging people to share their stories using the hashtag #FCSrising on social media platforms.

“We want to see creative and inspiring examples of how [remote learning] is working in Fulton County,” Looney said.

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