ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Police responded to a commercial burglary reported Oct. 26 at Willis Chiropractic Center, 317 N. Main St., near downtown Alpharetta.

According to the police report, the clinic’s owner opened the office and found a wooden block 10 inches in length lying next to a shattered window in one of his treatment rooms. The window’s screen was sitting on the carpet, and the blinds were in disarray.

Nothing was stolen or disturbed inside the clinic, otherwise. After inspecting the scene, both the victim and police determined the culprit never entered the building, the report stated. Officers found a COVID-19 mask sitting on the window sill outside and discovered two small drops of blood on a refrigerator next to the broken window. An officer collected the blood sample for testing, but evidence technicians told him Georgia Bureau of Investigations couldn’t perform DNA testing for property crimes due to costs and understaffing, the report indicated. Police discarded the blood samples.

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