MILTON, Ga. — An 88-year-old woman called police Dec. 4 after receiving a suspicious phone call from a man claiming to be a law enforcement officer.

According to police, the woman said a man who identified himself as “Charley Wilson” called her demanding her Social Security and bank account numbers. She said he told her there was a warrant for her arrest in Texas because her Social Security number had been linked to a criminal act involving $1 million. The woman said she didn’t believe she gave the caller her account numbers, but she did tell him the location of the banks she uses. She told police she couldn’t recall if she gave him her date of birth or full name because her head was “spinning” during the call, the report stated.

No money was missing from the woman’s bank accounts and she hadn’t been contacted by the Social Security Administration. Police advised her to freeze her credit and change her bank account numbers.

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