ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Police responded to the Manchester Mansell Apartments on Nov. 9 after two teens reported being confronted by a group of five or six people, one with a gun, seeking to rob them.

According to police, the suspects in dark hoodies ran up as the two walked out of the apartment complex’s laundromat. One of the hooded men was brandishing a silver pistol. Both victims ran to a nearby apartment and told their mother what happened. The woman called police to report the encounter.

Witnesses told police they saw the suspects leaving in a white Chevy Tahoe, and some of the men were carrying tools, tool bags and a baseball bat. Officers canvassed the area and spotted a white Tahoe parked nearby with a baseball bat, five or six black hoodies, and a tool bag with several tools in the trunk. The vehicle was registered to a 22-year-old man who lived in the Manchester Mansell apartment complex, the report indicated.

Police towed the vehicle and impounded it for evidence.

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