MILTON, Ga. — Police investigated a scam reported by a 77-year-old Milton man Oct. 30.

According to police, the victim reported an unidentified man called him the day before claiming to be a Social Security Administration representative. The caller told the victim that Milton police were closing in to arrest him because his Social Security number had been linked to fraudulent credit card transactions as well as money laundering. He ordered the man to empty his bank account before police froze it, and ordered him to wait outside the bank after he retrieved the funds. The caller claimed someone would pick him up and take him to a government ATM to deposit his money in a safe account that police could not touch.

The victim told officers the phone call frightened him so much that he went to his bank on Windward Parkway to close his account, according to the report. Luckily, the bank teller told him that she could not give him the money because his son, who was a signatory on the account, needed to sign off.

When the victim informed the caller that he couldn’t remove the funds until the following day, the caller told him Milton police would be calling him shortly. While on the phone with the caller, the victim received another call, purportedly from the Milton Police Department, the report indicated. The man said he didn’t answer the phony police call because he didn’t know how to operate call waiting.

The caller said he would call back the following morning. But that evening, the victim told his daughter about the incident, and she said it was a scam that he needed to report to the police. When notified, police suggested the victim and his family freeze their credit to avoid false accounts in their names. Investigators said no one from the Milton Police Department called the victim, and the scammers likely used a spoofing app to make the caller ID show up as the police department phone number, according to the report.

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