ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell police were called to an auto repair shop along Mansell Place Sept. 23 when a customer, unsatisfied with the work on her vehicle, refused to pay for $1,200 worth of service.

According to a police report, the shop owner called police when, during a verbal argument, the customer threatened to get her gun and start shooting people.

The woman refused to pay the owner $1,200 because she said he didn't do a good job fixing her 2011 Mercedes Benz sedan. She said she offered to give the man $500 but he refused, got aggressive and tried to block her from leaving. The woman said she threatened to retrieve her gun when the shop owner aggressively pushed her sister out of the way and tried to confront her for stiffing him on the tab, according to the police report.

The owner, 54, admitted that he did block the exits when the customer refused to pay, but he denied ever touching her. He told one officer he gave the woman her car keys back, but later told another policeman the customer took them off his desk without his knowledge or permission, the report stated.

Police told the pair that it was a civil matter they needed to handle among themselves. One day later, the man and woman did just that, according to a subsequent police report.

The business owner called the customer and offered to settle for half of the agreed upon amount, otherwise he planned to press charges against the woman for theft of services.

The customer initially refused to pay the $1,200 when police called her and said she could face charges if she didn't make arrangements with the shop owner. But the two later settled the matter after the woman paid the shop an undisclosed amount for services, according to a police report.

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