MILTON, Ga. — Police were dispatched to Mazzy’s Sports Bar and Grill early the morning of Nov. 14 after a Lyft driver reported that a rider threatened to pull a gun on him.

Police said the driver alleged a 38-year-old Alpharetta man threatened to “pull out a .45” and shoot him if he didn’t give the man a ride.

Police searched the man and found no weapons. He told officers he was in the Lyft driver’s car for about 30 seconds then walked to a Domino’s Pizza next door to pick up an order. He said he and the driver got into an argument when he came back out minutes later asking the Lyft driver to wait for his order, the report stated. The two went back and forth and the driver refused to wait any longer. 

The driver told police he waited outside the Domino’s about six minutes before cancelling the ride. He said the rider came out as he was leaving the parking lot and got in his car, telling him “do you want me to pull out my .45? You want me to pull this .45 out and shoot you?” 

Police determined there was not enough probable cause to charge the rider, the report stated.

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