MILTON, Ga. — A North Carolina man filed a report Oct. 20 that he had been swindled out of $3,500 by a scammer in Milton.

According to a police report, the man said someone claiming to be a marshal called him and told him to cancel his Target account because of identity fraud. The victim said the caller also told him to purchase $3,500 in gift cards from the store, so he bought seven $500 gift cards from a Target in North Carolina on Oct. 18. He said he called the suspect back and provided the gift card codes over the phone. He became suspicious afterward.

When he called Target’s corporate line, he learned that the gift cards had already been cashed at a Target store in Milton, the police report indicated.

The man said he later received another call from someone telling him to buy another $3,000 Target gift card, but he decided to go to the Milton Police Department to report the fraudulent activity.

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