MILTON, Ga. — Police responded to a home on North Park Lane Oct. 20 where a man reported he had received death threats.

The man, 23, told officers an unknown man called him speaking Spanish and told him he had 20 minutes to pay money before he kills him and his family, according to a police report. The victim said he hung up without responding. But, he said he received text messages in Spanish from the same phone number 30 minutes later. The victim blocked the phone number but was sent disturbing photos of murdered and decapitated people with limbs cut off in a text from a different number minutes later.

The pictures were accompanied by a message that gave the man 20 minutes to meet the demand for money. It also suggested the threat was in retribution for the caller losing his girlfriend. The text also said the victim was being watched.

The victim told officers he had no idea who sent the messages and didn’t know anything about the girl referenced in the texts.

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