MILTON, Ga. — Police were dispatched to Birmingham Falls Elementary due to reports of an erratic driver Dec. 8.

According to the police report, a man driving a pickup truck with a large Donald Trump flag was racing around the parking lot blaring his air horn while kids were present. The driver was identified as 18-year-old Bruno Joseph Cua.

According to the report, Cua told officers he was “flying his flag” and the parking lot was the only place he could test it out. He said another officer told him he could use the school lot and he waited for a school bus to clear out before he started driving around. He said the group of juveniles in the parking lot were his younger brother and the brother's friends who gathered to watch him fly the Trump flag.

Cua denied doing “donuts” around the parking lot, but said he had to pick up some speed to get his flag to flap in the wind. He admitted to blowing his air horn once, but told an officer “there was no one around here, I wasn’t harassing anyone,” the report stated. The officer cited Cua for violating the city’s public disturbance ordinance.

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