JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A customer shopping at a local Goodwill recently told police a man accosted her for not wearing a face mask. The incident occurred Aug. 31 outside the thrift store’s Jones Bridge Road location. The victim, a 56-year-old Alpharetta woman, reported the incident to Johns Creek police two days later. She told officers a man standing behind her in line at the checkout followed her outside and accosted her in the parking lot. The woman described the unidentified man as a 5’7” white male with a slim build of about 150 lbs. She said he confronted her as she loaded items into her trunk, yelling at her for shopping without a face covering, according to a police report. The woman alleged she told the man she met the store’s “mask exemption” and asked him to leave her alone. But she claimed he became even more agitated, and he levied “bizarre” and “threatening” insults at her, the report states. “There are no exemptions,” the man said, according to the woman’s statement. “So, you think it’s OK for humanity to die so you can live? You have the right to live?” She said he went on to yell repeatedly, “You are trying to kill humanity, and I am trying to save humanity.” The man eventually walked to his car. But the victim alleged he returned moments later and parked his dark-colored sedan directly behind her vehicle, preventing her from leaving as he got out of his car and continued his tirade. The woman told officers she took out her cell phone and tried to snap a picture of the man’s license plate. She was unsuccessful. But the photo attempt spurred the man to leave, according to the report. He got back into his car and sped out of the parking lot, the woman told officers. The woman notified store employees who failed in attempts to identify the man through security surveillance and store records, according to the police report.

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