MILTON, Ga. — Police were dispatched to Windward Parkway on Dec. 14 to meet with a woman who said she was scammed out of her iPhone.

The victim, a 23-year-old woman, told police she encountered the suspect on Facebook Marketplace when she was attempting to sell the phone for $500, according to the police report. The two agreed to meet at a Panera Bread in Alpharetta on Dec. 11 to make the exchange. The man showed her an email on his phone saying he’d sent her the money through PayPal. The woman didn’t see the payment in her account when she checked her PayPal balance.

That’s when the suspect stepped outside the restaurant claiming he was calling PayPal, the report stated. He came back a few moments later and said he could get in contact with the company. But in the meantime, the victim got two emails purportedly from PayPal advising her the payment had been made and it would take a few hours to reflect in her account.

The woman told officers she trusted the emails and gave the man the phone. She called PayPal the following evening when the payment still hadn’t posted to her account. She sent the emails to PayPal reps, who told her they were fraudulent. When she tried to find the suspect on Facebook, his account had been removed, the report said.

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