ROSWELL, Ga. — Police responded to a Starbucks on Holcomb Bridge Road on Sept. 12 after two customers got into an argument with employees. 

One of the customers, a 56-year-old man, said his wife required medical attention from burns she suffered when coffee spilled on her hands. Police determined the husband and wife had placed a drive-through coffee order, and when the woman handed the coffee cup to her husband, the lid came off and some of the coffee spilled onto the man’s pants. The woman tried to return the cup to the drive-through attendant, but the cashier refused to take the cup due to Starbucks’ COVID-19 safety policies.

The incident triggered an argument and the man pushed the cup out of his wife’s hands, causing the coffee to spill onto the drive-through counter and the side of the Starbucks building, according to the report.

The couple pulled into a parking space, and the husband continued the argument inside, but store managers asked him to step outside while they contacted police, the report stated. Officers found no redness, swelling or discoloration on the woman’s hands. Medical personnel treated her with an icepack.

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